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Tourmilated Quartz Terminator

Tourmilated Quartz Terminator


This crystal is a divine healing crystal. Tourmalated Quartz is very strengthening for the skeletal system.. It helps one remain alert and connected with the Universe in order to make the best possible decisions when the time is right. It dispels fear and promotes self confidence in ones ability to take on and succeed with any task. Use in times of great stress and to keep exhaustion at bay. The Quartz amplifies the properties of Tourmaline. Use this combination it to charge your electromagnetic body by keeping it in your presence for a time. With tourmaline being strongly magnetic, it interacts with all our bodily electromagnetic systems, keeping us healthy and running at optimum peak efficiency. Tourmalated Quartz regenerates and orders the cellular system. It helps one to sleep, while also charging the body so one awakens refreshed and ready to go! Keep a crystal either beside your bed, or under your pillow for the best results. Tourmalated Quartz will also amplify your psychic abilities. Black Tourmalated Quartz is a powerful protection against psychic attacks. Larger crystals will protect your home, and carrying smaller ones in your pockets will keep your personal protection well looked after.It is a great anti-radiation crystal. Wear one on the body to repel radiation from computers.

Approx 10cm tall weighing 115g.

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