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🖤Jet, sometimes known a Lignite, is a very strong stone used for protection and grounding. Jet is considered to be a stone of sympathy and of healing grief. It is a brilliant absorber of negative energy and should be frequently cleansed of  negative energy regularly.

For use in rituals and Spell work, Jet is known for it's potent magical properties when placed on an altar it increases the effectiveness of Magic also helps with increased psychic awareness, protection, luck with money and divination.

Jet is an ideal stone for meditation and for increasing spiritual awareness and absorbs negativity and helps with grounding. As it also carries a negative electrical charge it is good for drawing power and knowledge to the bearer.

It helps for creativity and allows deep levels of meditation. It relieves mental blockages and worries to allow you to progress in whichever direction you need to go.

Many ancient cultures believed that Jet provided protection against illness, the evil eye and personal attacks.🖤


Jet Tumblestone

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