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A+ Grade Pyrite

Stone of Protection. Shields against all types of negative energy. Prevents energy drains throughout the system. Brings joy & sunshine so we can finish projects. Also blocks environmental gunk & contaminants which can help you feel euphoric. This stone is an abundance & good luck stone. It can bring wealth & money. It encourages us to follow our dreams. Good for ritual & grid work. Eliminates bad patterns or addictive behavior. Can help with meditation. It is like a safety net & keeps you grounded so your soul can take flight & soar freely. Can help empaths or spiritual workers if you are giving to much of yourself.

This stone helps with Infection, Physical & Mental Well-being. If you feel overwhelmed – this is the stone for you.

Chakra: Root

Clear Quartz

Emotionally balancing and dispels negativity. Stimulating clear thoughts. Clear Quartz is a master healer excellent for all energy, healing and meditation work for the mind, body and soul. Enhances the properties of any crystal it is combined with.

Mined in Bulgaria.

Weighs 15g  4 x 3 cm

Pyrite Quartz Specimen

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