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Advanced Chakra Health Reading

  • 1 h
  • 99 Australian dollars
  • Distance Appointment

Service Description

Unlock Your Energetic Potential with Our Comprehensive Chakra Health Report. Embark on a journey to deep self-understanding and holistic wellness with our Chakra Health Report. This detailed analysis goes beyond the traditional seven chakras, incorporating an additional 10 ascension chakras, providing you with a unique insight into your entire energetic system. What You'll Discover: Current State of Your Chakras: Learn the health and vibrancy of each of your chakras, from the base of your spine to the crown of your head and beyond, into the realms of your soul's ascension. Areas Requiring Support: Identify which chakras are flourishing and which may need nurturing, offering clarity on aspects of your life that require attention and care. Personalized Balance Tips: Receive practical advice tailored to your energetic profile on how to harmonize and enhance your chakra health, fostering overall well-being and inner peace. A balanced chakra system is the foundation of a healthy, vibrant existence. By understanding and nurturing your chakras, you unlock the door to a harmonious life, enriched with energy and vitality. Let our Chakra Health Report be your guide to achieving equilibrium and unlocking your fullest potential.

Cancellation Policy

No Refunds for the Course once purchased. Thankyou for your understanding! 💜

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Griffith NSW, Australia

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