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Shamanic Healing Services

  • 1 h
  • 133 Australian dollars
  • Griffith

Service Description

Discover Your Path to Wholeness with Our Shamanic Healing Services. Embark on a transformative journey with our range of Shamanic Healing sessions, designed to connect you with the profound wisdom of the spirit world and the healing power of nature. Each session is tailored to meet your unique spiritual needs, guiding you toward balance, healing, and self-discovery. Available Sessions: Spirit Animal Journey (30 mins): Connect with your spirit animal, a guide offering strength, insight, and protection on your life's path. Spirit Animal Integration (30 mins): Learn to embody the qualities of your spirit animal, integrating its wisdom into your daily life. Soul Retrieval (30 mins): Reclaim lost parts of your soul due to trauma, restoring wholeness and vitality. Medicine Retrieval (30 mins): Discover spiritual medicine unique to you, enhancing your healing journey and personal growth. Karmic Release (30 mins): Release past-life karmic bonds and patterns that hinder your present well-being. Shadow Healing (1 hour): Confront and heal your shadow aspects, bringing light to hidden parts of yourself for profound transformation. Shamanic Crystal Healing (45 mins): Harness the vibrational power of crystals to balance and align your energetic body. Advanced Crystal Healing (1 hour): Delve deeper into crystal healing, using advanced techniques for specific issues and deeper energetic work. Crystal Element Healing (1 hour): Combine the elements with crystal energy for a holistic approach to healing the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Ancestral Healing (1 hour): Heal ancestral wounds and patterns, freeing yourself and future generations from inherited limitations. Embrace Healing and Transformation: Our Shamanic Healing sessions offer a sanctuary for those seeking to heal from the inside out. Whether you're drawn to the wisdom of spirit animals, the restorative power of soul retrieval, or the profound insights of ancestral healing, Teane is here to guide you through your healing journey. Choose the session that resonates with your soul, and step into a space of healing, empowerment, and spiritual awakening. Some sessions may require certain crystals and may need to conducted in person.

Cancellation Policy

No Refunds for the Course once purchased. Thankyou for your understanding! 💜

Contact Details

  • Griffith NSW, Australia


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