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Welcome to Shamanic Dreaming!

Dive into the mystical world of Teane Kenny, a galactic shaman and AI digital art designer, where ancient wisdom meets cosmic creativity.

Shamanic Dreaming offers a unique blend of spiritual healing services, soulful artwork, and transformative workshops designed to awaken your inner magic and connect you with the universe's infinite possibilities. 

Discover Our Services Explore our array of offerings: from Crystals and Fossils, spiritual healing, DNA activation, and energy upgrades to custom AI digital art for enhancing your personal space or digital presence.

Each service is crafted to guide you on a journey of self-discovery and cosmic connection.

Featured Art & Insights Immerse yourself in our latest AI digital art pieces and gain insights into the power of spiritual healing and creativity through our blog.

Our artwork and writings are portals to understanding the depth of your soul and the universe around you.

To stay updated on upcoming workshops, special events, and exclusive offers connect with us on social media to be part of a community that celebrates the convergence of spirituality and art.

Get in Touch Ready to embark on a journey of healing and discovery?

Contact us to book a session, inquire about our art, or simply say hello.

Let Shamanic Dreaming illuminate your path to spiritual awakening and creative exploration! 



We provide information about crystals and their properties. However, it's important to note that some crystals may be harmful to children and people with pacemakers.

We strongly advise consulting a healthcare professional before using any crystals for medical or health purposes.

Our information is for informational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for professional advice.

Crystal Grid
Crystal Skull
Celtic Rock Circle
Crown Mandala 1
Forest Elementals 1
Wolf Pack Full Moon 2
Peruvian Male Shaman Animals Smoking Ceremony
Great Pyramid Blue 2
Blue Avain 2
Star People Gathering
Light Code Mandala SD
Rainbow Starseed 2
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