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Amber Calcite Raw

Amber Calcite Raw


Amber Calcite is commonly referred to as the crystallized version of Honey Calcite. It is a calcium carbonate mineral that crystallizes in the form of pointed tall, and slender crystals in a fan-like cluster. This crystal can be found in yellow, gold, brown, and caramel colors, which ultimately helped in the naming of the crystal!

This crystal shares the same energies as Honey Calcite, but is much stronger.

Amber Calcite helps ground one’s thoughts and ideas down to a physical level and provides the mental clarity needed to manifest these desires in reality. This mineral resonates with the Root, Solar, and Third-Eye chakras creating a powerful trifecta of personal-will and creation. The warmth of this crystal provides a connection to Mother Earth's energies. This strong connection is excellent for accomplishing high-effort tasks and projects. When our will power is grounded, we are more inclined to push ourselves to the finish line.  Amber Calcite encourages and motivates us to start new projects.


Weighs Approx 158g

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