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Welcome to my website and Thankyou for your interest in Shamanic Dreaming!

  Hello, My name is Te-Ane Kenny and I am an ancient soul, I have lived many many past lives here on Earth as well as in the Stars & other Galaxies. My soul purpose in this lifetime is to assist with healing Gaia and restoring balance in all things here on this planet as we shift into the Golden Age as prophesied by many ancient cultures across the globe.

Many lightworkers including yourself have chosen to reincarnate on this planet during this time to help with shift in consciousness as we move from the 3D to 5D.

Remembering who you are and why you came here helps others to do the same!


I am a Wisdom Keeper who holds knowledge and has access to ancient codes necessary to heal the land as well as other Star Seeds and Beings here at this time. I am a Light Warrior who helps to raise conscious awareness, fights for justice, truth, peace, healing soul's as well as assisting them on their own journey of self discovery.

I have been gifted with Clairaudience (hearing), Clairsentience (feeling), Claircognizance (Knowing) Clairvoyance & Channelling, working with Energy, the elements, receiving, giving light codes & removing old soul contracts that are no longer needed.

My soul language is Fae however I am an open channel who can receive information from many different beings including multidimensional, insectoids, animals, Angels etc.


 Since my spiritual awakening 2017  I've had a passion for truth, knowledge, and understanding of Ancient practices 

I have studied and gained my certificates in the following areas:


Light Language Activator Certificate

 Shamanism Studies

(Sandra Ingerman & The Crystal Shaman Cert 1 & 2)


Energy Clearing Workshop (Lucy Baker)


Professional Psychic Development Course


Reiki 1,2 & Masters Certification


 Crystal Healing Practitioner Course


Sound Therapy & Sound Healing Practitioner Course


Past Lives Diploma


Currently studying  Incan Medicine School to also practice as a Nusta Paqo (Incan Medicine Woman). 


 My biggest teacher to date has been my own life experiences and hardships, something that a certificate or diploma could never replace.

I am always continuing to further my experience and knowledge so I can provide others the best healing experiences possible. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are in need of some healing, I can guide you through your own healing journey and help you work through any issues be that emotional, spiritual or physical. 

Using healing methods that have been used by our ancestors for thousands of years with great success!

I hope to walk alongside you, on your journey to find peace, health and happiness with honour.


Much Love Tee x

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