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Client Testimonials

Wow.... Thankyou for the Light Language you sent. You are the only one I know of in town who can do that? 

I feel like it communicates to the lighter galactic frequency of your being or rather dimensions.

Your dragon guide is very strong I felt tingling in throughout my whole body and it was warding of negative energies and influences and offering protection and defence.

Your Shaman guide filled my heart with a beautiful soul connection acknowledging my pain and suffering where I can see your Ancestors through

you at a beach singing sound healing & returning me to my childhood infancy period of innocence and purity.

I really felt this in my heart & solar plexus as well as telepathically in timeline travel past healing.

The Fairy frequency also made me feel emotional but reassuring, soothing this is where I took a deep breath of relief.

M.C 2/2/2022


 Amazing experience, very blessed to meet Te-Ane, stunning beautiful soul.

Mellisa Lea M 30/1/2022

Thank you so much Tee for my reading, everything you said resonates with me!

It’s crazy that Archangel Michael came to you.

Kendra.K 14/8/2021

I have been to Te-Ane twice now and can highly recommend her ancestral and full moon crystal healing. I received so much benefit from both sessions and resolved a lot of pain and grief from the past.

She is an inspiration and is a truely gifted therapist.

Joane S. 13/8/2021


Te-ane was very compassionate and understanding during my healing. I felt released and refreshed after healing to. Was very explanatory with what she did during the healing. Highly recommended. Te-Ane also did an Ancestral healing for my husband and I. Was definitely beneficial to us both. Helping us both release our pasts from families before us. Truly an Earth Angel Te-Ane and can't thank you enough for your time, energy and healing.

Pauline  6/08/2021


Teeze Therapies is something I would highly recommend for anyone seeking natural clarity and healing. The experience that Te-Ane offered was personally fulfilling and made you feel welcomed and relaxed throughout the whole process. 10/10 anyone should give it a go, it is an experience you will never forget.

Emily Q 16/05/2021

I was fortunate enough to get a last minute full moon healing session which included sound healing, reiki and crystal healing. I was greeted by Tee with a smile and she made me feel welcomed into the space. The dome generates a sense of relaxation and tranquillity. Tee was very knowledgeable of the purpose of the session and what was going on within my body. During the reiki and crystal healing I was very relaxed and I found the drumming was also quite relaxing. After the session, my mind was instantly filled with clarity. I felt very calm and grounded and like I had gained some more emotional strength. The whole experience was amazing and I would highly recommend this treatment!

Caitlin L 5/4/2021


The minute i walked inside Tee’s healing dome I felt totally relaxed. The energy inside the dome is amazing and hard to describe. It’s a mixture of total tranquillity mixed with high vibrational energy. 

The reiki and crystal healing put me into a deep state of relaxation, and it was one of the deepest meditations  I’ve ever experienced. 

The final few minutes was amazing when she used her American Indian drum,  and the vibrations echoed around the walls of this small dome structure. 

It was such an uplifting experience. 

I can highly recommend this treatment. 

Best wishes Tee , you have brought a very unique healing modality to Griffith . It’s certainly one of a kind . Not to mention you are a very warm and beautiful soul . Best wishes , and thank you ! 

Julie Norris  29/3/2021 

I had the absolute pleasure of receiving a chakra balance from Tee in her amazing healing dome. I arrived at the appointment and was greeted by Tee and a nice refreshing glass of cold water. The dome itself was decorated to the perfect level that made you feel comfortable and grounded. The healing began and I felt the energies rising and could feel Tee taking control of the balance and guiding the healing along at an appropriate pace, all the while ensuring my comfort was maintained. Tee was very vocal about what was happening and when it was happening and advised accordingly when items were being placed on my body. The healing was a huge success and I was able to go into the weekend with a sense of calm and alignment, which was the reason I attended this healing with Tee, I was actually running a psychic development workshop that very next weekend. To say I would recommend Tee is an understatement, I would HIGHLY recommend Tee to anyone considering her services. She has created an incredible space and dedicated many hours to her healing modalities via study and practical courses. Speaking as a healer and accomplished spiritual intuitive (medium) myself I can honestly advise that Tee is an amazing human with an exceptional ability to deliver her healing services with professionalism and grace.

Well done Tee 

Jay HALO with Jay


"I highly recommend Te-Ane for Reiki and Drumming. I've been twice now and it has helped enormously. If you suffer, depression, anxiety or stress I advise you to have this done, you'll be amazed how much it will help."

- Cara C 19/03/2021

"Thanks Te-Ane for yesterday!!

I loved it.

I have passed on your info to two of my friends."

- Julie N 17/02/2021


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