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Soul/Light Language Services

Melissa C

Wow.... Thankyou for the Light Language you sent. You are the only one I know of in town who can do that? 

I feel like it communicates to the lighter galactic frequency of your being or rather dimensions.

Your dragon guide is very strong I felt tingling in throughout my whole body and it was warding of negative energies and influences and offering protection and defence.

Your Shaman guide filled my heart with a beautiful soul connection acknowledging my pain and suffering where I can see your Ancestors through

you at a beach singing sound healing & returning me to my childhood infancy period of innocence and purity.

I really felt this in my heart & solar plexus as well as telepathically in timeline travel past healing.

The Fairy frequency also made me feel emotional but reassuring, soothing this is where I took a deep breath of relief.

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