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Clear Quartz Geode

Clear Quartz Geode


🤍White Quartz is also known as “White Wisdom”, “Milky Quartz” or “Snow Quartz”. The milky appearance is due to deposits of unsolidified Quartz within the crystal and the white and icy texture has strong links to purity and innocence. This crystal is recommended to activate your Crown Chakra when you’re in need of spiritual healing. Geodes have a very protective energy for families when placed in the home. Geodes are known to open your mind to allow spiritual growth, they make a perfect meditation tool. Clear Quartz is the master healer in the crystal world. It protects from negativity and offers psychic protection against black magic. It amplifies energies of all other gemstones and contains pure life force energies. Metaphysically healing for our whole body, soul and mind. Clear Quartz is a highly programmable stone making it perfect for meditation, manifesting or healing. Clear Quartz draws energies down from the Universe and higher sources and from nature. This energy transfers to our rainbow auric field and cleanses and centres our Chakras. Quartz Geode Clusters contain intergrated energies. Clusters are great used in absent healing and energise other crystals and their surrounds. They bring the body back into harmony and restore imbalances. Clusters used in a room where you practice, meditation, Reiki, divination or healing will absorb negative vibes away from the healer and patient.🤍

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