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⚡️This tiny crystal will blow your socks off⚡️

💥Fulgurite💥 Form Africa.
Associates with the heart, throat and third eye chakras.
It is formed by lightning strikes hitting sand or sandy soil. When lightning strikes it releases an incredible amount of energy that is hot enough instantly melt sand which then forms these quartz tubes. They can be found in deserts and beaches throughout the world. These crystals have a strong high vibration and are said to encompass the powerful energy of the lightning within them. Just by holding one in your hand you will become aware of the power it possesses.

The crystal a very powerful tool for manifestation of your dreams and desires.
Meditate or sit quietly with your piece of Fulgarite in your hand and think about what it is exactly you wish for? Making sure you are ready for what it is your asking for and be ready to receive it. Say your desires into the Fulgurite tube and blow on the end to release them.

Traditionally shamans use the Fulgurite as a tool for soul retrieval’s. They would journey to search for missing soul parts then use the crystal to store them for safe keeping until they are able to return them to their owner. The shaman would place the stone on the Heart Chakra and blow to reunite the lost soul parts with their owner.

Also aids with:
• Clairaudience
• EMF protection
• Cellular regeneration
• Communication with others
• Past life work
• Major transformations.......

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