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💎Quantum Quattro Silica is made up of copper-based minerals it is a combination stone that comes from Namibia that contains Malachite, Dioptase, Chrysocolla, and Shattuckite in a Smoky Quartz matrix.

It is a combination stone that comes from Namibia.

This mineral combination works in synergy and at a higher and stronger vibrational energy than the individual minerals.

Quantum Quattro is a stone of healing, protection, and communication.

 * Cleanse your energy fields and protect you from negativity.

*  Acknowledge and let go of your emotional traumas and release yourself from your old emotional patterns.

*  Great stone of psychic protection. It will keep you safe from lower vibration debris, negative entities, electromagnetic pollution, and psychic attacks.

Weighs 105g.

Quantum Quattro Freeform

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