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Lodolite/Scenic Quartz Sphere

Lodolite/Scenic Quartz Sphere


Lodolite Quartz also known as Garden Quartz, Dreamstone or Scenic QuartzAmazingly stunning tower with incredible Earth Energy. Lodolite quartz is a powerful grounding crystal that assists with healing & deep states of meditation. This quartz crystal with inclusions of different colors often looking like gardens, natural landscapes &/or underwater scenery.The inclusions of Feldspar & Chlorite have a deeply healing vibration which gets amplified by the clear quartz.Lodolite brings forth the energies to help with manifestation of one's desires. It enhances communication with beings on the spiritual plane & heightens your spiritual energies. Lodolite can increase your psychic capacities & bring forth the knowledge from your past lives whilst also bringing loving energies & gentle strength. Lodolite is an excellent healing crystal bringing strong healing energies and energetic shifting so that healing will occur. Has the ability to cleanse the organs & stimulate the immune system & energetic system by putting the overall body into balance. Lodolite assists with deep emotional healing from past life attachments. It helps in releasing fears & will dissolve the negative thoughts & feelings which puts both your heart & mind at ease.This stone has a very calming effect that will get you through those loud & busy days. It has a transmutational effect on unwanted energies & keeps you feeling inspired & motivated. Lodolite will help with deep emotional healing as well as assist you in letting go of your past life attachments so that you will be fully present in your current life. It will help one to let go of one’s fears when it comes to love, passion & intimacyand also boosts your confidence & helps one look at the brighter side of life.

High Grade large sphere weighing 640grams.

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