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Moqui Marbles

Moqui Marbles


Imported from the U.S. These come in pairs with a male and female stone.
Also called Shaman Stones, Mochi Marbles, Moqui Balls, or Maqui Marbles, these fascinating brown spheres are sandstone and iron concretions from the Navajo Sandstone in southeast Utah. The word “Moqui” comes from the Hopi language meaning “the dead” and it is said that the deceased ancestors of the Hopi people came to Earth to play with these “marbles” at sunset.
Moqui Marbles are almost always used in pairs – a small, round stone, which is considered female, and a larger, disc-like stone which is male, can be held in each hand (female stone in left hand) to ground and protect the user and balance one’s energy. Moqui Marbles are associated with the element of Earth and, as such, can give one a greater sense of belonging, either with people or the earth itself, without feeling stifled. They are used for the protection of the home to guard against burglary, troublemakers, and natural occurrences such as lightning, fires and floods. Hold a Moqui Marble in each hand before bedtime to ease the mind and alleviate insomnia.
Excellent stone for grounding, releasing negative and balancing your chakras.

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