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Smokey Quartz Jumbo Tumble

Smokey Quartz Jumbo Tumble


🖤 These stunner pieces of Smokey Quartz have the brightest rainbows. Smokey Quartz is a very popular crystal for protection and a must have for any crystal collection.

Smoky Quartz can effectively remove negative spirits or energies from patients’ auric fields through the use of grounding techniques or by placing directly on the body. it is a highly grounding stone, associated with the root chakra, and improves its user’s connection with the physical world. Smoky Quartz relieves painful emotions as well as sucking up toxic energies.If you are someone who struggles with depression, anxiety, or jealousy, then wearing a piece of Smoky Quartz, especially in situations where those feelings are unusually strong, can be a powerful way to get to the root of your problems without allowing your negative emotions to overwhelm you. 🖤

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