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The name of the tektite comes from the Greek “tektos” and is translated “melted”. This is naturally formed glass, which was formed by the impact of a meteorite.

The impact of the meteorite generated such enormous energy that it compacted the struck rock under extreme pressures and heat, causing it to melt.

During the flight phase, the molten material cooled down, which then turned into natural glass. Naturally produced natural glasses are commonly referred to as tektite. Tektites are roundish and black aggregates and are found in the shape of how they fell from the sky. A tektite has a very long journey to reach earth. They are enormous bundles of energy and have survived the journey to Earth. There are meteorites and tektites that are older than all life on earth and the earth itself. Tektite is a very good stone when there is a need to work on the material things, because it increases physical energy and works with the root chakra. Tektite defends you, strengthens your aura and your energy. To take advantage of this benefit, wear the stone or a piece of jewellery that is made from Tektites.

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