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Curanderos Dimensional Reading

  • 30 min
  • 55 Australian dollars
  • Distance Reading

Service Description

Curanderos Dimensional Reading: Discover the Depths of Your Soul Embark on a transformative journey with our Curanderos Dimensional Reading, where ancient wisdom meets intuitive guidance. Each reading is an exploration of your spiritual landscape, offering insights into your aura, past lives, future possibilities, and the celestial beings guiding your path. What You'll Receive: Aura Scan: Unveil the current state of your energetic field, identifying both strengths and areas needing attention. Past Life Insight: Delve into a story of your soul's journey in a different lifetime, revealing patterns and lessons learned. Spirit Guide or Angel Communication: Discover a divine entity that's guiding you now, along with any messages they have to convey. Future Life Glimpse: Gain foresight into a potential future path. Remote Reading: Conducted from a distance for your convenience, the reading will be delivered to you via messenger or email. A current photo is required prior to the appointment to connect with your energy. Powerful and Enlightening: These readings can illuminate your soul's purpose and offer profound insights into your spiritual journey. Be prepared for revelations that may include past traumas needing healing. Important Consideration: While our readings are enlightening, they may uncover deep-seated emotional and energetic blockages. If traumatic experiences are revealed, we recommend booking an Intuitive Healing session with us to address and clear these blockages, ensuring a free-flowing energetic system. Embrace the opportunity to explore the depths of your being with a Curanderos Dimensional Reading, and step forward on your path with clarity and renewed purpose.

Cancellation Policy

No Refunds for the Course once purchased. Thankyou for your understanding! 💜

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Griffith NSW, Australia

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