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Amethyst Crystal Air Plant Lg

Amethyst Crystal Air Plant Lg


💜An absolutely gorgeous large sized Amethyst Cluster with a mature Tillandsia attached....Each crystal air plant comes with 10ml mist filled with Crystal Infused Moonwater a crystal card describing it's properties as well as an air plant care card with instructions to care for your Tillandsia.

🌿Crystals provide energy that stimulates plant growth so the crystal and air plant together make a great combination.

Although these little babies are called 'air' plants they cannot survive without water but have no need for soil. They prefer to be placed away from direct sunlight but somewhere light and airy. Easy care indoor plant that needs to be watered every second day during hot weather and twice a week during the cooler times. These beautiful slow growing living green beings will flower once in their life time.......and you may be lucky enough to see the magnificent flower they produce 🌿.

Handmade by Tee.



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