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Chocolate Jasper Skull

Chocolate Jasper Skull


Chocolate Jasper is a stone of stability and grounding. As a Jasper, it brings us back down to earth and helps us focus on what is important, integrity, honesty and kindness. When I have worked with Chocolate Jasper it reminds me of that feeling when you first bite into a really decadent high-quality chocolate, not one of those party favourite pack kinds, but like made by a chocolatier. Your whole body stops and is focussed on this one sense for this one minute. You are flushed with unfiltered delicious feelings and honestly, I think of this as a type of meditation. Bring that feeling with you and apply it to other daily tasks. Bring that sole focus and concentration; that stable concentration to whatever you do with Chocolate Jasper.

Stunning Skull Weighs 369g.

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