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White and Green Jade Sphere

White and Green Jade Sphere


Jade, also known as both Jadeite and Nephrite depending on its composition, is a widely revered gemstone, utilized by cultures around the world for its beauty, strength, and healing properties.

In Chinese culture, Jade has long been thought to be a stone of abundance, cleansing, and royalty, and is used to treat disorders of the kidneys.

A stone of abundance, Jade brings harmony into the workplace. It dispels negativity and increases the joyful flow of protective energy. Jade is a heart-centered gemstone, perfect for forging relationships built upon truth and love.

Jade manifests peace, love, luck, joy, and abundance, and is helpful for making our dreams become a reality.

Jade opens, heals, and activates the Heart Chakra. It is associated with the steady drive of Taurus, the fearless bravery of Aries, the adaptable duality of Gemini, and the charming balance of Libra.

Weighs 190g.

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