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Pink Pentagonal OG

Pink Pentagonal OG


This powerful orgonite generator is made from Rose Quartz Crystal Chips. Stone of Love & Compassion. It has a copper wrapped Quartz Crystal point and Black Tourmaline, Selenite, Quartz, Shunghite crystal powder for extra alchemy and protection. Copper acts as an amplifier to increase the energy of the crystals.

Weighs 222g11cm tall x 5cm Bottom Edges.


What are Orgonite Generators?

Orgonite is a special blend of resin, metal, and quartz crystal. This simple mixture generates positive bio-energy. And balances and harmonizes negative energies. Many people use orgonites for protection, well-being, and healing.It is a powerful tool that creates a balanced and positively energy-charged environment.


How do Orgonites work?

In essence, it balances and harmonizes the energy. It absorbs negative energies and radiates out positive energies. So how does it work? The resin attracts and absorbs the energy. The metals reflect and accelerate the energy charge inside. And the quartz crystal purifies the energy. And once the negative energy becomes positive, it is then radiated outside. It’s important to note that property-constructed orgone devices work continuously and without charging.


Orgonite generators have a broad spectrum of uses and benefits. And it shows positive effects on plants, animals, humans, and the environment, as well as protection from emf's.

All electronics radiate emf aka negative etheric energies, for example, smartphones, cell towers, WIFI, smart meters, etc.

Rebalances Energies of Food and Water

Orgonite generators can rebalance the energies of food and drinks. after some time, the “charged-up” food will taste better. It will also keep it fresh for longer try it yourself!

Improves Plant Health

Orgonites can significantly improve the plant’s growth and yield. Vegetation, just like all living organisms, thrives on positive energy. So your fruit and vegs will grow bigger. They will also look much healthier and more vibrant. And taste much better!

Rebalances Weather

Orgonite balances and normalizes the weather patterns. It helps bring more rain and reduce extreme weather phenomena like light storms, heavy rains, and hails. Many report clear blue skies and beautiful, healthy puffy clouds. It will help you heal your immediate environment.

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