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Pink Amethyst with Ocean Jasper Tower

Pink Amethyst with Ocean Jasper Tower


Pink Amethyst sublimely connects to and stimulates your heart, third eye and crown chakras. This beautiful crystal helps you view your life experiences from the higher perspective of your soul, motivating you to take action with a strong sense of divine love.

 Pink Amethyst frequency - it’s gentle, however powerful energy - arouses your intuition so that you are guided by your soul in all areas of your life and experiences. This crystal helps you overcome stressful situations.

Lovingly, Pink Amethyst helps you to become non-judgemental and accepting of others for who they really are.

 Chakras ~Heart,Third Eye,Crown

Emotional ~ Peace, Love, Acceptance

Spiritual ~ Divine Love, Soul Guidance


Ocean Jasper draws its soothing power from the element of Water and Earth. It is a stone of strength, relaxation, and renewal with a slow, steady frequency and a deep circular energy that embodies the interconnectedness of all things.

Ocean Jasper is connected to the lost city of Atlantis and holds its mystic knowledge within its form. This stone is particularly conducive to meditation and centering, and allow access to ancient wisdom and past-life lessons.

Like tides that ebb and flow along a shore, Ocean Jasper brings to the surface long-hidden and unresolved emotional issues and uses its gentle nurturing energies to bring healing.

Ocean Jasper with a dominant Green color is a growth crystal, a powerful conduit of the earth's Life Force of birth, development, and creation, and of the power of nature's constant renewal.

This stunning tower has a very special energy with both the Pink Amethyst & Ocean Jasper in one complete with a sparkling crystal cave. Weighs approx 190g.

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