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Turquoise Howlite Crystal Orgone Generator

Turquoise Howlite Crystal Orgone Generator


These stunning resin pyramids are embedded with Turquoise Howlite Crystals and a Blue Aura Quartz crystal point wrapped in copper wire.

Orgonites are based on discoveries by late Wilhem Reich. In the early 1930’s he was able to measure the universal life energy with the use of modified Geiger counter.

An Orgonite is known to be a mix of metals, resin and quartz crystal, which is known to create a self-driven, self-cleansing orgone energy generator.

Orgonites help to:

• Improve sleep

• Balance your energies and keep you grounded.

• Eliminate negative energy and turn it into positive.

• Purify environments.

• Repels and protects from EMF’s.

• Make your plants grow.

• Raises vibes.

And they work continuously!

Handmade by Tee with Love and Good Vibes.....

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