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Soul & Aura Colours Reading

  • 45 min
  • 77 Australian dollars
  • Distance Appointment

Service Description

Soul and Aura Colour Reading: Unveil the Colors of Your Essence Embark on a journey to discover the vibrant essence of your soul with our Soul and Aura Colour Reading. Every soul resonates with a unique color, a luminous hue that threads through the tapestry of your life and, often, across many lifetimes. This soul essence color, whether it be the radiant Rainbow Ray, the luminous Diamond Ray, the profound Indigo Ray, or others, serves as a theme for your existence, guiding your path and illuminating your purpose. Unlike the constant hue of your soul, your aura's colors shift and dance with the rhythms of your emotions and experiences. Reflecting the spectrum of your mood and the nuances of your current life situation, your aura offers a dynamic glimpse into your energetic state. What You'll Receive: Soul Essence Colour: A revelation of your soul's primary color and its significance, offering insight into your spiritual path and life's theme. Aura Colours: An analysis of your current aura colors, providing clarity on what you're experiencing in the present moment. Deep Insights: An exploration of how both your soul and aura colors influence and reflect your journey, complete with interpretations and their relevance to your soul's evolution. How It Works: Our session is conducted remotely, ensuring comfort and convenience. Upon completion, a detailed report filled with insights and revelations about your soul and aura colors will be sent directly to you as soon as possible. Rediscover yourself through the lens of color with our Soul and Aura Colour Reading. Uncover the meanings behind your soul's hue and the ever-changing palette of your aura, and step into a deeper understanding of your spiritual journey and energetic presence. Embrace the Colors of Your Journey Ready to illuminate the essence of your soul? Book your reading and reveal the colors that shape your spiritual path and energetic state.

Cancellation Policy

No Refunds for the Course once purchased. Thankyou for your understanding! 💜

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Griffith NSW, Australia

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