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Starseed Astrology Report

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Service Description

Starseed Astrology: Unveiling Your Cosmic Blueprint Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery with our Starseed Astrology Service, tailored to illuminate the intricate tapestry of your soul's history, cosmic origins, and spiritual path. This comprehensive service delves deep into the essence of your being, offering insights into your aura and soul colors, alignment with your soul frequency, and the broader spectrum of your cosmic journey. Aura and Soul Colours: Understand the significance of your unique aura and soul colors, reflecting your essence and spiritual path. Soul Frequency Alignment: Measure your alignment percentage to your soul frequency, revealing your vibrational harmony with your true self. Consciousness Frequency: Explore the frequency of your consciousness, offering insights into your spiritual awareness and growth. Soul Origin and Star Connections: Uncover your soul origin, connections to other star systems, and affiliations with extraterrestrial organizations, providing a glimpse into your cosmic lineage. Density and Chronology: Delve into the level of density of your existence and the chronology of your soul's history beyond Earth. Karmic Analysis: Assess the state of your karmic connections, types of karma you carry (personal, ancestral, collective), and the journey of clearing them. Past Lives Exploration: Investigate past lives on Earth and other planets, revealing themes, challenges, and gifts developed across lifetimes. Spirit Guide Team: Identify your spirit guide team and learn how to work in harmony with them for guidance and support. Chakra Health: Evaluate the state of your chakras, identifying blocks and pathways to clearing and balancing your energy centers. Extraterrestrial Encounters: Examine any extraterrestrial abductions or encounters, their purpose, and the beings involved. Ancestral and Galactic Themes: Analyze ancestral karma themes and galactic past life themes, understanding their influence on your current life. Galactic Higher Self Guidance: Receive messages and guidance from your galactic higher self for navigating your current life towards full potential. Personalized for Your Soul's Journey: Our service is deeply personalized, focusing on the most beneficial insights for you at this moment. While we strive to cover the broad aspects of your starseed astrology, the depth and focus of your report will align with what is most relevant for your current path and soul age.

Cancellation Policy

No Refunds for the Course once purchased. Thankyou for your understanding! 💜

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Griffith NSW, Australia

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